This is Amy Gregorio

I’m Amy from Wiarton Ontario. I have been fishing since before I can remember. My Dad loves fishing so I go out a lot with him.   I remember a time out with my Dad and brother fishing when we were really young.  My Dad had just bought a new bait cast rod and reel for my brother.  My brother decided to stand up in the tiny boat to cast.  Except he let go of the rod and then plop down to the bottom of the lake. My dad was not happy.  He put a huge 3 prong hook on his rod and proceeded to “fish” for my brother’s new rod.  I remember my brother sitting in silence as this was happening.  After a while, my Dad hooked it and brought it up.  We still laugh about that today.  Another time I was casting and caught my Dad in the neck. Sometimes the best stories don’t always have a big catch!

Hunting and Archery are new to me.   I got my hunting license in 2019 along with my boyfriend Mark.  So this is very new to us.. We are excited to learn more skills and spend more time outdoors with our friends and family.  

My brother is very interested in hunting and this year I got to go sit with him for my first turkey hunt. Even though we didnt harvest a bird,  it was super fun.  

 Winter is my favorite season, as I am a snowmobiler.  I’m also a huge supporter of the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.  I participate in their snowmobile Snow Run in February each year as well as their Trax4BC ATV event each May.  All the money we raise helps cancer patients that are currently battling the disease.  I am also an Elite Sponsored Trail rider as well as a Brand Specialist for DSG Outerwear.  It’s an amazing company that creates outerwear for Ladies!!! Made by a lady for ladies. They cover all sizes from XS-5 XL in Snowmobile, Hunting, Fishing, and Ice Fishing.  I am so grateful to have them in my life so I can enjoy the outdoors in comfort! 




As for gardening, I suck at it. lol.             I’m a pro with Aloe plants, and this year I’m planting lettuce. My plants the last few years didn’t fair out so well.

 I also make a super small batch of maple syrup each year, although we didn’t get any made this year