Meet Toni – Owner/Founder

I started Lady Archers of Ontario in 2017 after some of my friends asked me to teach them archery. As a woman, I find it difficult sometimes to learn from a man, as we both think differently. My main goal with my business was to introduce women and youth into the outdoors and back to our HERITAGE. Being that I am more than just archery, I decided it was time to rebrand. Coming up with Heritage by Nature.

My mission statement is: Getting folks back to our roots, back to our Heritage. Whether that be archery, hunting, fishing, gardening, canning, the outdoors. “Own who you are”. I am a hunter, I am a gardener, I am an outdoorswoman, I am getting back to my roots. I love where I came from and am very proud of my Heritage.


I grew up in a family that hunting and fishing was a way of life.  My sisters and I watched and learned from my grandfathers, uncles and my dad.  Those things they taught me have been applied  to my own hunting and fishing ways.  I remember when we were kids, and my father and grandfather  came back from hunting with their deer that they had harvested, and had it hanging in the tree in the yard skinning it.  My grandmother would try and keep us kids in the house while they were processing the deer outside.  Of course I was always the one that ended up outside wanting to help and learn, watching in aww.  

The tattoo in the picture is in memory of all of them. I wasn’t old enough to go hunting with my grandfathers before they passed, which if i was giving one wish it would be to hunt with them, share that family tradition with them.


Not only did the men in my life inspire who I am today, but the women in my life were also huge inspirations to me.  My grandmothers, my aunts, and my mother worked hard all their lives, they were strong women.  I remember watching them making homemade quilts.  I quickly learned how to make them and have made many so far in my life.  Another memory is sitting in my grandmother’s basement with my grandmother and my mom being taught how to put the quilting frames together and putting the fabric on the frames, and then how to tie down a quilt.  Not only did they teach me baking and quilting they also taught me canning, making jams, and pickles, which I do a lot of that now.  

We have 2 vegetable gardens and can yummy salsa, jams, pickles as well as beet pickles.  So not only does hunting and fishing get us back to ur heritage but canning fruits and vegetables, and quilting all together is part of our heritage.

Everyone has different family traditions, and its amazing to hear and see them.  I wouldn’t change one tradition in my life, although I wish I would have learned at a younger age how important these were and would have cherished them way back then.  You never get time to go back to share these with the people who inspired you.  I think as I write these and remember all the things that my family did when we were younger that most of the time didn’t seem to matter back then but now means so much.

“Own Who You  Are – Be proud of your Heritage and get back to your roots