Ashley – ProStaff

I was born in Pointe Claire, Quebec and raised in Ajax, Ontario. I studies the arts throughout school and fine tuned my studies with two art degrees.  I still draw and paint nearly everyday. I’ve also taken my art background and applied it to making jewelry from recycled brass bullet casings.  Rather than throw it out, up cycle it.  I have a few remade designs but most of my work is done custom for people, or groups as a way to remember a harvest or even memorials.

You can check out my jewelry instagram account at :luckyshotcreations

I met the love of my life in high school on a Robotics team and we now have a house, two dogs, two bunnies and share a passion for hunting, conservation and the outdoors.  Our honeymoon was spent at Bon Echo park and our holidays tend to rotate between a resort in Cuba and Grundy Lake Campground.

My husband’s extended family has also introduced me to homesteading and farming which I have been trying to learn.  I love to cook, bake, pickle, and make preserves so the more I ca do from my own backyard the better.  We grow quite a few herbs and vegetables on our own in raised beds my husband builds. 

My immediate family were never hunters or outdoorsmen.  I fell in love with archery out of my own curiosity  that my husband encouraged.  I learned on my own with a bare recurve and since added an Oneida Phoenix to my collection for hunting.  I hear stories about my grandfathers and great grandfathers being avid hunters and anglers and have a very clear memory of the not time I met  my great grandfather, he gave me bags of quail feathers from his harvests.  Once I obtained my firearms licence I went out and bought a Lee Enfield SMLE, which I’m told is what a couple of my grandfathers used for hunting, in their honour as their actual rifles were sold off after their passing.

Everything I know about hunting has been self taught through trial and error of from Toni and people I have met through her events. I may have started in hunting and homesteading later in life but I’ve found great passion in the lifestyle and the self-reliance and self-confidence I have developed from it.  I love to share it with people and encourage them to give even a small step, like growing a vegetable or two.  Give it a try and enjoy the rewards.