About Me.


I grew up in a small town named Minden, Ontario. I have 2 sisters, an older one and a twin sister. I moved to Alberta in 2000 and stayed there till 2006. I loved my time there. I was blessed with 2 daughters, Alexandria and Cassandra. I am now even more blessed with 2 beautiful granddaughters, Danika and Mackenzie. In 2012 I met Traviss, and inherited 2 great step-children Keegan and Rachel. Traviss introduced me to coyote hunting, and helped me start to learn more about hunting and food plots, and putting more work into my hunting skills and into my life. In 2016, I decided I was going to participate in a 12km trail race. Well, I was so proud that my stepson joined me. I can say that we completed that 12 km. At the end of 2016, I decided that spring 2017 I was going to hunt turkey. I did a lot of research and reading and learning about turkey hunting. I put trail cameras out all winter. I patterned my turkeys. This was not an easy task, but one that I stuck with. Traviss watched and pushed me to continue. April 2017 finally came and I felt confident that I was ready. I sat out the first 3 days and nothing. I was wondering what had I done wrong. 4th day was extremely hot and I decided to run to town first then back home and out I went. I sat for 2 hrs and nothing, I was going to give up, I just was gonna pack up and I looked to my right and bam there a huge tom and 2 jakes, My heart was pumping so hard. I slowly raised my gun waiting for the right moment and the best shot. the tom was coming right towards me he was 7 yards away when he looked right at me, I squeezed the trigger and down he went. I was shaking with excitement, but then I forgot everything I learned. I called Traviss because he was away, no answer. I called his dad, he answered I couldn’t talk other than saying “Big Tom down” “Big Tom Down”. He handed the phone to Traviss who congratulated me on my harvest. I tagged my bird and carried him home and waited for Traviss and his dad to return home to help me process my bird. I was impressed with my bird, I had just harvested a 20 pound Tom with 10.5-inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs, which was measured and made into the FROW book. I was extremely proud of myself, in 2018 I harvested 2 turkeys, and in 2019 I harvested 2 turkeys. I am hoping that my hunting continues to be successful to provide meat for my family. Not only do I hunt I also fish, and have been extremely lucky to fish huge salmon on Lake Ontario, had the oppurtunity to fish with Mike Miller of Angler and Hunter Television, as well as fish many other lakes for many species of fish.

Now that I am doing much more than just Archery it was time to rebrand, this coming up with Heritage by Nature.  I want to share my Heritage with everyone, and get people back to their Heritage, back to their roots.