Core Team

Toni Cooper - Owner/Founder

Hi, Im Toni Cooper , the owner/founder of Heritage by Nature.  My motto is “Own who you are” and stay true to your Roots.

I am very proud of my Heritage and cant wait to share it with you.   I am 45 yrs old and a Mother of 2 daughters, and a grandmother of 2 beautiful granddaughters.  I plan on teaching them everything I know .

Cassandra Holtby

Meet Cassandra Holtby.  This lovely lady is my right hand lady.  She is a Wife, and a mother of 4.  She is amazing.

She sews,bakes, crafts, camps, fishes, as well as hunts and goes on amazing adventures with her family.  Check out her website.

Amy Gregorio

Meet Amy Gregorio.    This lovely lady joined me this year, and is amazing.  She is a beginner but a natural.  

She is Elite sponsored trail rider at DSG Outerwear Women’s Snow Apperal.  In her spare time you will find her supporting an amazing cause Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation, or showing off her amazing dance moves. Make sure you say hi to her.

Dana Murray

Meet Dana Murray.  This amazing women and her husband are the owners/founders of Canadian Huntress/Canadian Hunter.  She is a wife, and a mother of 3. She started hunting in 2018 where her experience took her from a love of hunting to a passion.  She has a strong belief that more women should get involved in hunting and the outdoors. 

Make sure you check her Brand out.

Marisa King

Meet Marisa King.  Marisa started with me in 2019.  She is a mother of 2 beautiful kids. In her spare time she runs her own business called “She Shed Decor and more”.  She also is a Brand Ambassador for Scentlok and MTN OPS.

Make sure you check out her business page.

She Shed Decor and more

Lee Ross

Meet Lee Ross.  She first attended one of my events in 2017.  She had never touched a bow before that day.  She now hunts with her bow. 

She loves fishing and is brand ambassador for Canadian Huntress and DSG Ice Fishing.

Make sure you check out DSG and Canadian Huntress.

Sarah Jackett

Meet our lovely Sarah. This lovely lady is married to Matty JJ but we don’t hold that against her. (LOL) 

She loves to get out hunting and cant wait to hunt and hang out with other ladies with similar interests.

Make sure you say hi to her:)