Meet Dana of Canadian Huntress

I grew up in Orangeville, Ontario and although I didn’t start hunting until three years ago, I have a great passion and respect for the outdoors, conservation and my heritage.  I have taken my love of hunting and transformed it into a passion and career that has been amplified by the fondness to be self-reliant.  I’ve been fortunate to have joined forces with other likeminded women in the industry and continue to grow: as well as attend events such as trade shows and seminars.

I have always had a desire to help educate other women and have a strong belief that more women will become involved in hunting and the great outdoors once the “boys club” stigma is removed by more involvement and education for women participants.

With my passion for the outdoors and sharing adventures with others through my social media, I feel I can encourage other women to pursue their dreams and overcome their doubts and fears of the outdoors and the stigma that follows.