Meet Sarah – Pro-Staff

I was born and raised in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, where my families owns and runs a trailer park.  I grew up on the lake fishing for Muskie with my dad as much as possible.

In 2016, I married my husband who is also an avid  fisherman and hunter.  We love to get out as much as we can either on the lake or in the woods.

When I was in my early twenties I decided that I loved the outdoors, and wanted to try hunting. After getting my licenses a family friend and his wife took me under their wings and taught me everything I know about hunting.  I had many successful years of filling tags and making memories with them. 

I look forward to spring turkey season every year, after a long winter there is nothing better then getting outdoors and into the woods spending time with friends, with the sun coming up, and the birds gobbling.  

In September comes my most favorite season “Fall”.  I always look forward to getting ready for deer season.  My friend Krisit and I always spend time setting up cameras and feeding stands.    

We have a little precious princess now in our life named Hannah.   We hope that she grows up with the same love of the outdoors as we have.  Over the last few years of having a little one, I haven’t gotten outdoors as much as I would like, but hopefully that will change this year.   Life has certainly been busy, with me switching jobs, studying for financial exams, and raising a toddler oh and we moved just over a year ago.  This year we can’t wait to take Hannah with us fishing on the boat, and to the deer stand in the fall.