Youth Ambassadors



Meet Braydon Farr.  He is our new Youth Ambassador.   Braydon likes fishing, hiking, gardening, kayaking and baseball as well as hunting.

We asked why Braydon wanted to be a youth ambassador for Heritage by Nature and his answer was : ” I would like to promote the outdoors. I don’t think kids should be inside all day. They should be outdoors exploring and enjoying nature. Hunting and being outdoors is also a great family activity. For example exploring helps you learn about nature and wildlife and survival skills.  It is also good exercise and can provide fresh food.  I hope one day to share my positive messages with other youths.


Meet Logan Geneau.  Logan likes fishing out of the canoe and boat.  He enjoys hiking and swimming.

We asked why Logan wanted to be a youth ambassador for Heritage by Nature and his answer  was :” I love wildlife conservation.  I became a volunteer for Ducks Unlimited as soon as I became old enough.  I want to help teach other kids  how to appreciate  the outdoors, hunting with being safe and respectful.  How to participate in conservation keep animals safe and healthy. I want to be a positive influence to show people that  hunters are good people.


Meet Helen Williams.    Helen enjoys fishing, kayaking, gardening, archery, horseback riding, camping and hiking, as well as hunting.

We asked Helen why she wanted to be a youth ambassador her answer was: ” I think it would be nice to see more kids outdoors.  I also think it would be cool to have a say what kinds of events will be held, and help make them more interesting for kids.  I would like to work with Heritage by Nature because Toni Cooper has given me many wonderful opportunities to get outdoors and participate in activities, and I want to help her give to other kids the same opportunities too.


Meet Owen Nichols.  Owen enjoys fishing, gardening, four wheeling, snowmobiling, boating, and hunting.  Owen also enjoys helping his Father Erin with  the trapline, and helps with the bait baits and the hunters that come bear hunting.

We asked Owen why he wants to be a youth ambassador for Heritage by Nature his answer was easy : ” I want more youth to take part in loving the outdoors.